Aman Malali, Chenghao Lyu, and Peter Haas presented their work at the BigFastData Workshop. Aman Malali presented “Predictive ML model maintenance”. Peter Haas presented “In-Database Decision Support: Opportunities and Challenges”. Chenghao Lyu presented “An Adaptive, Multi-Resolution, and Multi-Objective Parameter Tuning Approach for Spark SQL”.

Juelin Liu, Sandeep Polisetty, and Marco Serafini’s paper “Minigraph: Accelerating Subgraph Enumeration Using Auxiliary Graphs” is accepted to PACT 2023. Authors: Juelin Liu, Sandeep Polisetty, Hui Guan, Marco Serafini

Cen Wang received the 2021-2022 Outstanding Synthesis Project Award from the Manning College of Information and Computer Science. This project is summarized in NIM: Modeling and Generation of Simulation Inputs via Generative Neural Networks from the 2020 Winter Simulation Conference.